Manager of the Southern Ukulele Store, Ukulele 'Expert', Youtube troubleshooter and Uke Magazine Columnist

I don't like the word expert.. However you swing it you sound a bit of a knob to be honest. The truth is, I know Ukuleles but there isn't another decent word I can use to sum it up.. I have worked with them day in and day out for twelve years as manager of the Southern Ukulele Store.

Many people ask on Youtube about what I play and my own Ukulele style... I currently perform with three instruments;

1) Sumi Kobo Sakura Koa Tenor Ukulele strung Low G with a D'Addario BEB031W Folk Nylon string and Worth Brown Trebles.

2) Kanile'a SUS-T (Alaskan Cedar top) Tenor strung High G with a custom set of Seagar fishing line strings.

3) Kanile'a GL6 Guitalele strung with D'Addario Folk Nylon strings or La Bella Folk Singers. Usually tuned GCFA#DG

4) Kanile'a MANAKO Tenor - strung with everything and anything as I continue to get to grips with it. 

For those wondering about my playing style; I perform all of the SUS Youtube videos playing a right handed Ukulele upside down but perform and play my own instruments strung for a left handed player.

I am very flattered for the attention the Youtube channel has afforded me, I truly love my job and can't wait to continue my Ukulele journey once things hopefully return back to normal in 2021...

If you have a Ukulele related question, please do get in touch via my work email

I am flattered so many people have tried to contact me personally with Ukulele enquires but I do like to switch off and have family time like everybody else - if it takes me several days to reply to your email do not be offended. 


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