Manager of the Southern Ukulele Store, Ukulele 'Expert', Youtube troubleshooter and Uke Magazine Columnist

I don't like the word expert.. However you swing it you sound a bit of a knob to be honest. The truth is, I know Ukuleles but there isn't another decent word I can use to sum it up.. I have worked with them day in and day out for twelve years as manager of the Southern Ukulele Store.

Many people ask on Youtube about what I play and my own Ukulele style... I currently perform with three instruments;

1) Sumi Kobo Sakura Koa Tenor Ukulele strung Low G with a D'Addario BEB031W Folk Nylon string and Worth Brown Trebles.

2) Kanile'a SUS-T (Alaskan Cedar top) Tenor strung High G with a custom set of Seagar fishing line strings.

4) Kanile'a MANAKO Tenor - strung with DR Moonbeams and a D'addario BEB031W Low G.

For those wondering about my playing style; I perform all of the SUS Youtube videos playing a right handed Ukulele upside down but perform and play my own instruments strung for a left handed player.

I am very flattered for the attention the Youtube channel has afforded me, I truly love my job and can't wait to continue my Ukulele journey once things hopefully return back to normal in 2021. That being said, please do not contact me personally if you want to make a purchase via the Southern Ukulele Store.

If you have a Ukulele related question, please do get in touch via my work email 

I am flattered so many people have tried to contact me personally with Ukulele enquires but I do like to switch off and have family time like everybody else 🙂