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Ukulele Strings in Association with Rotosound

In my professional life, I have been privelaged to work closely with many Ukulele brands and for many years, I have worked informally with D'Addario and Rotosound on Ukulele string sets, in the process creating many exclusive sets for Southern Ukulele Store. I am delighted now to be able to offer my own range of Ukulele strings, manufactured in Kent, UK by Rotosound and then bench tested, measured, cut, packed and packaged by me in Bournemouth, UK.

The strings are made using clear monofilament Nylon, the same as classical guitar strings and traditional uke strings but the gauges and tension of the strings is slightly higher producing more volume, more character to each note and more physical string under your fingers when you play.

Please do browse the strings for yourself and click on the photo of the string set you thinks best to travel to my online store.

Low G GCEA Clear Nylon w/Wound 4th


High G GCEA Clear Nylon

tenor high g.jpg

Low D DGBE Baritone Strings

baritone low d.jpg

High D dGBE Tenor/Baritone Strings

baritone high d.jpg

CUSTOM SETS (I'm happy to make bespoke sets where possible)

ukes with photos.webp
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