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Alex Beds

Spiritual and Soulful Songwriter, UK

I slept on floors in Wales, in abandoned cinemas in Crewe and lived an entire lifetime as a struggling artist when I performed with the the band 'Fearne' between 2004-2017.

A chance encounter with the Ukulele began a love affair that nobody saw coming and 13 years on I am privelaged to a recognisable face in the ukulele world. Don't let that paint a picture of what to expect because musically I lay it all out there, I'm still that struggling artist travelling across the Europe chasing my dreams. Except now, I view the world through the eyes of a Dad and having suffered great loss. If you like songs with technical musicality and heavyweight emotional lyrics then please sit with me and let me show you who I am.

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Hummingbird & the Crow

Folk/Americana Ukulele

It really is fair to say that the Ukulele found us... Phil (Adam) and I have been performing our take on Folk/Americana for over half of our lives and the Ukulele has taken us everywhere from Carlisle to California including into the homes and phones of millions on Youtube since 2017.

If you like sincere songs with a story to match and a liberal dose of self deprecation - we would be honoured to show you sometime.

Going by our former band name of 'Hummingbird and the Crow', you can listen to our newest collaboration 'Lying' on your favourite streaming service or support us by purchasing it on this website in the widget below. We will be releasing new ukulele music throughout 2022.

I also released a Ukulele Album in 2019 that you can stream in the usual places online or purchase on this website and in my merch store. The pandemic put a sudden hault to my travels but I am currently available to book for performances at Ukulele events as well as workshops.

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